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U+I Challenge Fails!

The High Court challenge by U+I and the London Fire Brigade against the Secretary of State’s decision to REFUSE planning permission at 8 Albert

U+I Challenge Secretary of State’s Decision!

On 4th August 2021 U+I submitted a claim for proceedings under s288 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 against the Secretary of State’s

News Flash – Secretary of State Rt Hon Robert Jenrick REFUSES PLANNING PERMISSION

Yesterday at 3pm on 23rd June 2021 the Secretary of State the Rt Hon Robert Jenrick issued the following decision notice on the planning applicat

News Flash – Observer covers loss of daylight at 8 Albert Embankment – 13th June 2021

  The Observer has published an article on the threat caused by towers to daylight, essential for health and wellbeing. It features lo

8 Albert Embankment in The Telegraph – 28th March 2021

The Telegraph has just published an article on London daylight which highlights 8 Albert Embankment and has the following great quotes from Georg

In the media – towers at 8 Albert Embankment ‘Grotesque’ – February 2021

Private Eye published an article on 19th February on the threat of multiple tall tower schemes looming over south London and all of them are in L

News from U+I ……£50m loss, CEO and Finance Director leaving, 40% staff cut……. January 2021

U+I the London Fire Brigade's development partner for the redevelopment of their previous HQ at 8 Albert Embankment is in the process of ....

Community at Public Inquiry – January 2021

Thanks to the generous donations of all sizes from members of the Lambeth Village community and it's supporters the community was represented at

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Lambeth Village, Beaconsfield Gallery and the Garden Museum all have Rule 6 Status at the public inquiry into the planning application for 8 Albe

Breaking News -Secretary of State calls Public Inquiry – 11th June 2020

Local people called on the Secretary of State Rt Hon Robert Jenrick MP to call in the planning application for 8 Albert Embankment  - to give it

Coronavirus/ Covid-19 neighbours sources of support

Over the last week and perhaps even more so over the coming weeks - our lives are being turned upside down as people isolate, reduce contact, cha

Lambeth Council approves Daylight Robbery! – December 2019

Last Tuesday, Lambeth Council's planning committee voted - by a narrow margin of 4 to 3 - to ignore 3,000 petition signatures, hundreds of object

Who is Ros Kerslake? – November 2019

Over the months we have met Dany Cotton, Richard Upton, Fiona Twycross and others  ............but who is Ros Kerslake? Ros Kerslake is the C

Will the Council share all the consultee statements – November 2019

The Council's sun & daylight assessment was finally made available for public scrutiny on 14th November, but we are still waiting to see all

Is the assessment being written to suit a particular answer? – November 2019

We have been asking to see the sun & daylight study assessment by the Council for months.  Twice we have submitted FOIs to have this documen

Fire Brigade Museum not the issue …it’s ethics again – October 2019

London Fire Brigade Museum appears to be used by LFB & U+I as a promotional tool for their £450m commercial redevelopment of 8 Albert Embank