About Us

The Lambeth Village website is a local community forum, created to make public the significant historic interest of the area, providing a point of information on local campaigns promoting appropriate property development, as well as improvements to Old Paradise Gardens.

Individuals from the community, including members of the Whitgift Estate TRA, 9 Albert Embankment and Salamanca Place are all part of this community network.

Our village is located in the area of North Lambeth, land formerly owned by Lambeth Palace, where nine centuries of history lie beneath our feet.  It is a highly valued and attractive urban environment that deserves protection, and the website is here to promote this aim.

Local people and businesses have contributed to this website with historical information and campaign/initiative updates.

This website will:

  • Act as an information hub on the unique history of the area.
  • Update the community, local businesses and the media on campaign issues, such as ‘Stop the Towers’.
  • Provide information and context to local initiatives, such as Lambeth Green and proposals for Old Paradise Gardens.
  • Promote a sense of community and seek to improve well-being in our area.