Now is the time to object!

The 8 Albert Embankment planning application (19/01304/FUL & 19/01305/LB) is submitted and objections can now be lodged on the planning portal.  Please support us by making objections on the link below:

Use your own words – in broad terms the objections are

  • Object to the 24 & 26 storey towers, damaging historic area next to Lambeth Palace, removing the clear silhouette of the Fire Brigade HQwhich is protected by planning policy, and the green space Old Paradise Gardens (a gift from the Palace to the people of Lambeth since 1703)
  • Object to the loss of sun and day light, from social housing neighbours (40%) on the Whitgift Estate, Old Paradise Gardens all the way to the Garden Museum
  • Object to the excessively dense development, potentially 2500 people using the site, disruptive hotel use when there is already plenty on Albert Embankment, inadequate provision for deliveries, parking and traffic
  • Object to developer ignoring planning use policy, loss of industrial employment land (KIBA), damage to conservation areas, damage to amenities, there is specific policy against towers on the site to protect the heritage
  • Object to poor consultation exercise with the local community, a tick box exercise of exhibitions, no negotiation on the towers, no meaningful engagement with local community groups like the Whitgift Estate TRA

Many thanks