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U+I Submit ‘Departure’ Planning Application – April 2019

U+I submitted their planning application on 29th March 2019 and it has recently become visible on the Lambeth Planning Portal.  There are actually two applications, one for the proposed development and one for listed building consent. While the main application number is 19/01304/FUL, you need to go to 19/01305/LB to access all the documents (this is going to cause confusion!).

‘This application is a DEPARTURE APPLICATION: The proposed development is a departure from site allocation “Site 10 – 8 Albert Embankment and land to the rear bounded by Lambeth High Street, Whitgift Street, the railway viaduct and Southbank House SE1” of the Lambeth Local Plan (2015).’

There are 513 documents but many are plans.  A good place to start is the Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement, then look for further detail in the supporting documentation.

This application is a departure from Lambeth planning policy, so take a look at the Planning Statement  to see why.

Spot something in the application – tell us at





What does Historic England think? – March 2019

Historic England issued pre-application advice to the developer U+I in November 2018 and we now have a copy!

They said they were concerned about:

‘… the impact of the proposals on the setting of the listed building and the wider conservation area …’

They also said:

‘The fire station building currently visually dominates this stretch of the Albert Embankment and the presence of tall buildings in the backdrop will reduce this dominance.’

‘….we would encourage you to consider ways of reducing the height of the towers so they do not encroach upon’ the view of the Victoria Tower ‘and remain visually subservient.’

With reference to the impact on Lambeth Palace they said it will cause ‘..harm to the setting of these highly designated heritage assets’.

We say the proposed towers behind 8 Albert Embankment are harmful to the heritage of Lambeth Village and these statements from Historic England support our view.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings – January & February 2019

Four meetings were held between the end of January and early February 2019 with the developer U+I and the local community groups most affected by the proposed redevelopment of 8 Albert Embankment.  In these the developer presented their proposals and took questions, but it was clear by the last meeting on 6th of February that they would make no changes.

When U+I were asked repeatedly at 6th February meeting if they would make any changes at all in response to our feedback they declined.

So this late engagement (over two years after they started their designs) with the communities with the most to lose was an information giving exercise. We say this was NOT consultation.

Heritage Meeting – Feb 2019

Residents are invited to meet the developer U+I this Wednesday 6th February 2019, 7pm in the Fire Brigade HQ, 8 Albert Embankment.


KIBA (employment) Meeting – Feb 2019

Residents are invited to meet the developer U+I this Monday 4th February 2019, 7pm in the Whitgift Workshops on Lambeth High Street.